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When Will the Devastation DLC be Released for Call of Duty Ghosts?

The Devastation DLC hasn’t yet been released to gamers around the world, but we already know quite a bit about it.

Release date for the Devastation DLC for COD Ghosts

The official release date for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One is set to April 3, 2014. Those gaming on the PlayStation or PC will see a prolonged later release date (May 3rd as of now).

What’s included with the Devastation DLC for COD Ghosts?

The DLC (downloadable content) pack will include new maps, weapons and the next chapter for the Extinction game mode.

The Call of Duty Wikia describes each map by name to give you a closer look at what each will include:

Ruins: A Mayan temple complex in Central America , a triangular Domination map with A and C flags on either side and the B flag inside the middle of the temple. An active volcano can be seen smoking in the background. A Field Order Reward will cause the volcano to erupt, firing lava rocks/bombs that will explode and take out enemies, much like Mortar Fire.

Behemoth: A giant earth excavator saw, a long-medium map high off the ground where players need to watch their footing. A Field Order Reward allows a player to board a Blackhawk helicopter with a minigun and fire down on enemies, like the Chopper Gunner from Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Collision: A container ship that has crashed into a bridge plays host to this small-to-medium-sized map. A flat map that suits run-and-gun styles of gameplay, the B flag sits above in the middle between two sniping points. A Field Order Reward lets players control an A-10 Warthog for one run, simmilar to how Logan calls in A-10 strikes during the events of Homecoming.

Unearthed: Set at a Cryptid meteor excavation site, Unearthed is a reimagination of Dome from Modern Warfare 3. A Field Order Reward allows a player to call in 3 Seeker Cryptids, they will then seek and destroy enemies by exploding, just like they do in Extinction. One Easter Egg twist to this map is players can unlock the Venom-X weapon from Nightfall. It is currently unknown how this is achieved, but gaining that weapon will surely turn the tides of battle.

New weapons along with COD Devastation DLC Pack

There will also be a new weapon called The Ripper. It’s a hybrid assault rifle / SMG gun that gives you the option to quickly change from close range battle to a long range fight against your opponents. When you’re set in SMG mode, you have a high rate of fire and great hipfire, however the range decreases along with the damage per round. You can however quickly switch to the assault version of The Ripper and get a significant boost in range and damage.

The cost of the Devastation DLC for Call of Duty Ghosts is $14.99 or you can simply be a holder of the season pass.

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