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Why CoD Ghosts Will Outsell and Outperform Battlefield 4 (..again)

The FPS genre has benefited from a glut of games, particularly in this generation, but the titanic rivalry between Battlefield and Call of Duty has clearly pushed them to the top of most people’s most wanted lists.

And the competition between these two giants in the video game world is a good thing.


Each causes the other to strive harder, constantly looking for new ways to present the greatest gaming experience for us, the players. The fact that both games are being released within a few days of each other as well as each franchise making a brave leap onto the next gen systems has caused the games to come under even more intense scrutiny and comparison.

Here’s five reasons why CoD Ghosts will continue to outsell and outperform Battlefield 4.

Is More Realistic Really More Fun?

DICE have come out previously to say they don’t see themselves as direct competitors with Call of Duty and are instead attempting to carve out their own niche for those who want a more “realistic” game. And to be fair, Battlefield does do this incredibly well.

The catch?

bf4 realism

Are we nearly there yet?

People buy games for fun. If you’re going to try out an FPS for the first time and Battlefield has you walk for 2 full minutes before you find the actual battle, only to get shot when you get there and sent back to where you originally started, a lot of gamers will lose patience quickly.

Yes.. we know Battlefield is about teamwork and there is a lot more effort and coordination in playing a proper match of its multiplayer, that’s all well and good but how often do you actually see any sense of teamwork?

Or you could turn on Call of Duty, find a match, join the server, turn a corner and shoot like crazy at the four guys jumping around in a ridiculously unlikely battle, probably sporting RPGs while all in the same room. Ridiculous.. sure, but massively fun, which is what Call of Duty excels at.

mw3 multiplayer

MW3 Multiplayer

A completely new player will get to grips with Ghosts’ multiplayer in a far shorter time and this will also promote dedication to the game as people get better at an accelerated rate. We all know that once you get to a certain point that the online multiplayer does get far more tactical but at least casual players have the option of playing the messy, chaotic and, crucially, enjoyable multiplayer with pretty much no experience or planning.

It’s this accessibility to every player that Activision can capitalise on to keep its hold on market dominance and a factor that should not be underestimated at any stage.

Involving Dramatic Campaign.. Or a “Quick Rushed Add-On”

We all know this is an easy one.

Call of Duty has invested a serious amount of time into the storyline and level design of all its entries in the series. The characters are human enough to connect with, the plots, while over the top, make sense and are engaging and the set pieces show enough variety that we don’t get bored of an overly familiar tunnel full of bad guys.

Battlefield, on the other hand, has often been accused of tacking on a single player mode to a game, with bland missions, lacking any real feeling of emotion. Perhaps the most critical of its design flaws is DICE’s inability to create anything other than strictly linear maps which give little in the way of flexibility and fail to promote any kind of replay value of the solo campaign.

I can’t imagine this changing in the next iteration of the series as Battlefield has correctly identified its target market, and that’s online multiplayer. Considering there will be new hardware to get to grips with, all effort is going to be made to ensure the feature that has gotten Battlefield its recognition, gets its upgrade.

The counter argument for Call of Duty is simple. They are still presenting a story to the user and they have a catalogue of successful iterations with a solid single player campaign. They just need to keep doing what they are doing and take advantage of all the extra juice the PS4 and Xbox One will offer.

call of duty or battlefield

MW3 | BF3


EA.. ‘The Worst Company In America’

Perhaps a controversial point and most decisively unfair but any gamer who has followed the games industry is well aware how big names can fall in and out of favour and it is no secret of late that EA is certainly not on many gamers’ Christmas card list. EA Makes Worst Company In America History, Wins Title For Second Year In A Row!

From being a forerunner in the idea of the much-hated online pass system to regain some profit on the used games to the utter shambles of the Sim City launch, it’s never been more fashionable to loath the publishing giant.

That’s not to say that Activision have been left unscathed in its time in the media spotlight, but Activision has managed to reduce its time in the negative news, which, if you’re as big as Activision, is all you need to sell games on their own merits.

Just to clarify, EA don’t necessarily make bad games, but due to bad decisions, it’s possible that some of their corporate policies could affect the reception of the next Battlefield title. They did recently scrap the online pass system and it seems unlikely they would do something like that without an alternative revenue stream in mind.

They have really pushed the Free-to-play market in the last year so perhaps micro-transactions are on their way in their bigger titles?

New Innovative Features

Ok so with the information we know about Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts, we can put together a guess at what exactly the next iterations are promising.

bf4 levolution

Battlefield 4 had a beautiful trailer at E3, crisp and sharp visuals which it boasts are the effect of the games new Frostbite 3 engine.

We are also now being told that Battlefield will support 64 player games on consoles which, while impressive, fails to impress as much as it should, especially when you consider MAG was able to run games with 256 players.

The revised version of “levolution”, the process of altering the map via the user such as taking down buildings or blocking paths, has been given an overhaul, making it completely user based as opposed to having time based scripted events. This was countered quickly by CoD announcing its “Dynamic Maps” which boast similarly destructive environments with various event cues also available to utilised.

ghosts freefall

So here we can see Battlefield 4 building on an existing feature as opposed to CoD introducing an entirely new one to their game. The same happened with underwater battles, with both games demonstrating scenes of underwater gameplay.

In fact, between the two games, the stand out, most innovative change seen to date has been the surprise hit of Riley, the canine unit. It’s an indication that Infinity Ward are not afraid to innovate on various levels, are not dependant on DICE to come up with ideas to clone and the potential that next gen systems offer CoD Ghosts.

The Fans

It’s a fierce cliché but without fans, you’ve got no game. Or at the very least, you’ve got no sequels.

And it’s well known that there is a massive Call of Duty community out there with even more, less vocal fans out there buying Call of Duty. We know this through simple numbers. The Call of Duty games ship millions and millions of copies upon every release, despite the very outspoken minority who claim that the games are all clones of each other.

Battlefield does have its core fan base and I wouldn’t insult anyone in it by telling them they are wrong to enjoy the game. But through the factual numbers we can decisively say that the Call of Duty games are, and always have been far more popular than the Battlefield games.

This trend shows absolutely no sign of slowing and when we get down to the nitty gritty in an argument like this, the sales numbers are all we need to prove that Call of Duty is set to remain the most popular FPS, on this generation of consoles and the next.

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39 Responses to Why CoD Ghosts Will Outsell and Outperform Battlefield 4 (..again)

  1. The_Soldiet says:

    Omg, bf3 is like 10 times more fun that what the best of COD is. Cod ghosts is a rebranded mw3 with new guns and skins, nothing new.

  2. DS says:

    I’m reading this on my phone. When I get to a computer I will tell you exactly what is wrong with with this whole article (hint: everything).

  3. MeYou says:

    I only got part way threw what you wrote and thought bullshit. Yes if you choose Conquest you could be walking around for awhile looking for the fight or you could just change it to TeamDeathMatch and be walking into a fight within 30 secs.

  4. Wraice says:

    “Yes.. we know Battlefield is about teamwork and there is a lot more effort and coordination in playing a proper match of its multiplayer, that’s all well and good but how often do you actually see any sense of teamwork?”

    Spoken like a true lone-wolf asshole. If you see no semblance of teamwork in BF3, then it’s probably because you have no friends and are probably losing most of your games. Comments like that make me wonder how many times I, my brother, a friend of ours or said-friend’s girlfriend have gunned you down. The 4 of us bearing down on bitches, collectively wielding MTARs, an L85A2, and my M249 is a right terrible sight.

    “Or you could turn on Call of Duty, find a match, join the server, turn a corner and shoot like crazy at the four guys jumping around in a ridiculously unlikely battle, probably sporting RPGs while all in the same room. Ridiculous.. sure, but massively fun, which is what Call of Duty excels at.”

    And that paragraph alone states precisely why I hate CoD, yet also love it. The concept of running around in a small box-like map, getting blasted by an RPG every 10 steps, or no-scoped by a douche wielding a sniper rifle withing 8′ of you is so stupid and got boring after MW1. I understand it appeals to some people out there, which is awesome. To everyone who loves that idea, I strongly urge you to get Ghosts and stay out of BF4. The less of you dumbasses my regular squad mates and I have to deal with, the better.

    Inevitably though, some of you do try and cross over into the BF real. You can usually spot the CoD bitches in BF3. They’re the ones constantly running around using nothing but the M320 grenade launcher or the RPG/SMAW. They’re also the ones who, when approached and fired upon, they immediately go prone like that will somehow save them, when in reality, all it does is make their head easier to hit.

    Admittedly, I have only played BF3 in the BF series, but here, almost 2 years after release, I still regularly enjoy several-hour long sessions on it with my buddies. Whereas CoD got boring after MW1. I played that one quite a bit, and at least tried the multiplayer on the sequels, but they got boring within a few days. Why? The simple answer: Why would I want to say, get a high kill streak and unlock an airstrike, or an artillery strike, or a heli, when in BF3, I can DRIVE the artillery, I can PILOT the heli, I can BE the airstrike!

    So for the love of God, if you are the classic CoD bitch, please stay there. We don’t want to see you in BF4.

  5. mikey says:

    Mcdonalds sells the most burgers,therefore they have the best burgers…duh….for the record both games suck,as BF has just been turned into a really big version of cod,and doesn’t have nearly the skill ceiling it used to back in say bf 1942 times,but eh 🙂

  6. dwalk says:

    Na this article is ridiculous. Ive been a COD fan since forever. But im tired of the same shit. Every year we see the same thing. Now next gen is almost here and COD ghosts still looks the like the same game. So what is Activision doing with the millions of dollars they make every year on the COD brand? Not putting it back in to development from the looks of it. New game Engine? Yea f#king right!! Gameplay looks hella stale!!! Battlefield 4 here I come.

  7. Mick says:

    The servers CoD use have always been crap. The amount of money they make yet they can’t sort them out ?
    I thinks its 11 updates now which never solved anything, I still get the freeze and also that sound problem when everything spoken sounds like its a chopper effect !
    I just get sick to death of the bs lag 95% of matches. How can anything be competitive and fair if you have to rely on the Host being on your side in order to kill an enemy ? If you happen to be on the opposite side…… you might as well back-out, otherwise your gonna get shot with what seems like 1-3 bullets regardless of weapon. In order to get a kill you’ll need to use what seems like half-a-magazine+.
    They always denied it and blamed the players and their ISP’s and the way they connected. Using statements like ‘play on game modes with more people’… so that means play on TDM only ?!?!? Guess what ? Solves nothing, its just luck if you end up with a good connection to Host.
    Battlefield 3 on the other hand, was great. No lag because they dont use those cheap p2p servers.
    I still play BO’s 2 but its only til I get my money’s worth when Ive completed the prestiges.
    I saved a lot of money by ignoring all the DLC bs. I wouldnt give anyone more money that have already failed more than once fixing a game, never mind releasing it that way, broken !!! The servers when BO’s 2 released failed day 1 ! The bottom line is ‘they don’t give a crap’. Move on.
    Ghosts will just be crap, they (Treyarch & Infinty Ward) always claim its all changed now, its amazing, you can now buy an anti-lag perk, blah blah blah yet still NEVER deliver and fix.

    • fuckingnoobs says:

      you don’t even deserve a brain, give me it. My brain cells are dying, the grammar, the misleading of what your point is, and you are an idiot, Treyarch and Infinity ward arent together anymore. So suck on that C4 and BOOM GOES THAT DYNAMITE.

  8. lifesavers2 says:

    I think I can feel my brain cells individually dying. I think it started around the second sentence.

  9. Recently converted COD to BF fanboy says:

    I’m probably going to anger both audiences with this one, but if BF4 wants to outsell COD:G, IMO all they need to do is add Killstreaks to BF’s TDM mode. (The killstreaks could simply be the BF vehicles that are readily available in Conquest or other modes.) Doing this could potentially steal much of COD’s multiplayer audience by delivering (in one game mode only = TDM) the COD player’s need for personal reward (which, frankly, seems to be the basis for COD’s addictive-ness in multiplayer). Doing that brings the COD players aboard, and everything else in BF keeps them there. (The hardcore BF players will still all be playing Conquest).

    • Face Palm says:

      Yep… you made me angry… you were right. very angry…you eant a streak … play cod…far out… im going to expode…

  10. Basically everything makes me believe you are either a cod fanboy who can’t hadle a game being better than your’s, or a annoying dick who ruins the game for everyone by making your team lose because you don’t know how to play the objective.

  11. I think I can feel my brain cells individually dying.

  12. Jordan says:

    Lol, poor BF fans getting upset because they were never good at COD, get the dick out your ass and shut up, we all know regardless what BF4 does it won’t outsell ghost, hate on it all you want, for what? To be wrong lol.

    • James says:

      I really hope you burn in hell for being such an immature moron. You represent nothing more than 10,000,000 illiterate gamers who have no idea how to come up with an actual insult that makes people upset. If you want to be a big boy and grow up, please do. The world needs no more degenerate fools like you to ruin the future of gaming and social media. Hope you like bad trends, because you are one.

    • Justin says:

      Uhh… no I started playing CoD before I played BF. From the first time I played I thought it was way too easy. Unrealistic. But I’m getting pretty good at BF now and so that just makes me better at CoD because its way too easy. If anything yeah CoD might get more sales because people like getting killstreaks. In BF it’s difficult to even get one kill. Just face it. CoD sucks.

    • Dylan says:

      Battlefield 4 has outsold cod because people are tired of fags hacking and the fagget company activision deranking people all I can say is activion should be shut down for good

  13. vignesh says:

    What can someone expect from a website which has a cod name .No valid or logical points . Lets see in the end who outsells .

  14. Aaron says:

    I used to play cod and then i converted and i was quite good i wasn’t as good as tmart or TBNRFrags but i was good and now im even better at BF3 so shut up little fanboy

  15. Aaron says:

    Your Post Amuses Me
    it is wrong and very bad.
    the only exaple of a map changing ing CoD:G
    is a bus falling of the map
    HOLY S**T
    in BF4 you can make a dam burst and make
    a fucking building fall over so please stop fanboying

  16. Dylan says:

    Call of Duty has never beet battlefield because call of duty is full of hackers and battlefield has never had a hacker. What I think is that call of duty should just end companies have been hacked like Sony and Microsoft but nether know what the sorce is the sorce is call of duty because that’s a game every body hacker now I ant a call of duty hater I play battlefield and call of duty but now I hate call of duty the company has became crap its sad how call of duty 4 modern warfare is better then black ops 2 all battlefields are still loved because everybody works as a team call of duty everybody just run and guns and battlefield is more like the wars we have now you don’t need kill just to get air support on battlefield all you have to do is ask someone to give you some air support battlefield has already won the fight activision you should stop trying to beat battlefield. Battlefield has already beat call of duty

  17. herman handshank says:

    I think dice should remake bf 1942 people would go ape shit to play it i guarantee you!!!

  18. Cosmin says:

    Call of duty ghost
    bf4 dosent heave those at all. Cod has guard dogs, Loki, clans, squads, knife throws, jugernout, trinity rocket dragon fly with bombs this time and bullets also enemy detector and as well as a care-packets dropper you can be a female in the game also you can control a chopper as well as scoping from it. Cod is more action packed and by far the most successful shooter game of the year more wanted,liked,rated,copied and more money earned. What more could you want people exept annoying tanks jets and choppers…..huh? Grow up!!!!! You would’ve got more of my comment but hard luck for me some errors so stop ignoring ignorant adults.

  19. Cosmin says:

    Bf3 and 4 is so generic graphics cod is more strong looking even other guy agrees.

  20. Cosmin says:

    Where is my other good big comment uhhhh I’ll just say cod is better streacker and also has dyanamic maps squads and more detailed bf is to generic. Gosh grow up.

  21. Cosmin says:

    Cod ghosts had better guns.

  22. Cosmin says:

    Cod ghosts for friends and fun passed. Bf4 for boringnessssssss……….

  23. cosmin says:

    cod killstreacks fastpaste better.

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  25. wallace baker says:

    I love both COD and Battlefield and on some level I still play both games. I don’t play COD muliplayer much any more due to wide spread unchecked hacking.Witch to say is sad that there are so meny unskilled player’s .that feel they have to cheat to win or to get attention or what ever reason. they feel they have the unearned right to ruin the game for everyone else. When Battlefield came out on p.c. they had the very same problem.So Punkbuster was created and killed hacking on ranked severs and a zero hacker stance was made by E.A. games and DICE and solved the problem. So I think due to hacking The folks at COD. have to pump out a new COD game once a year now to keep the money flowing in due to player loss.The only real problem with this is that you can only repackage this game so meny times before nobody wants it.

  26. esmcgee234 says:

    Gee my comment didn’t get posted ..I guess I should have said what a fine group of hacker’s play’s well worth my time and money.This a COD fanboy site my bad.Thank all you greatly skilled hackers for making the online game what it has become.

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