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Published on June 23rd, 2013 | by Ghost


Will Ghosts Finally Get Rid Of Lag?

Without a doubt, reducing lag is highest on everyone’s wishlist for CoD Ghosts. I’m pretty sure that’s not a surprise to any of us..

One of the most integral parts of the Call of Duty franchise (arguably THE most integral part) is the multiplayer, and the guys at Infinity Ward are doing everything in their power to ensure we get the smoothest, fairest and most entertaining experience possible.

The key component of high speed multiplayer is combating lag. In Black Ops 2, the approach taken to reduce lag as much as possible was geographic matchmaking. In other words, connecting players closer together geographically. Logically we can assume the physical connections will be reduced allowing for quicker response times and lower lag.

The theory was sound in principle, a game full of German players should in theory be faster than a game connecting German, French, Italian and Austrian players. However, technically speaking, the infrastructure that the internet is built upon operates on a series of nodes built around the world.

Reducing Lag in Ghosts..

These nodes are the physical route taken by the data sent in these multiplayer matches and there are many instances where node connections are widespread geographically but the physical connections are superior to those in a local area.

It is this router based detection that Mark Rubin spoke to well-known video blogger Drift0r about and this is the system to be implemented in CoD Ghosts. What this should result in is a matchmaking system which is no longer derived from a best effort guess and instead, a series of ping tests will determine the optimum set of opponents for you to play against, all based on infrastructural integrity.

We’re not at no lag yet, but we’re getting closer!

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